St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

My cat is sleeping

My cat is sleeping

this is a very sad little story
I’m not going to talk about it

I would like devilishly to be to another planet!

I have some feeling… some sense…  I have some sense, that  I’m going crazy… I feel that all my rationalism suddenly collapsed.

 I ask you! Do not listen to me! I am afraid that my advice would be lunatic.

Hamlet’s dialogue with his conscience

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva 

Hamlet’s dialogue with his conscience

-She’s at the riverbed, in algae, covered
With weeds… She went to sleep there,
But there’s no dream there, as it happens.
-But I loved her,
Loved more than forty thousand brothers
Ever could have loved!

She’s at the riverbed in algae, covered
With algae!… And her final garland has
Now surfaced by the bank upon a log…
- But I loved her,
Loved more than forty thousand…
-Still less
Than just a single lover could have loved.

She’s at the riverbed, with algae covered.
- But I -
loved her??

June 5, 1923

"We choose not to each other by accident … We meet only those who already exists in our subconscious." © Sigmund Freud



My soul is inconstancy today… and nobody… However it always happens… and just my cat is with me today…

I can say… Tonight I had a strange dream. It was the  finished story for a book or a movie … I’m not sure that I would write this. 

This evening my new friend spoke very rudely to me… It’s very sad. I was waiting for our conversation and I has received insults…

and yes, I am very upset for this reason.

nobody reads it… so…

We die alone…
We are born alone …
Before and after are the eternity.
It does not matter what is it in the interval?

i am am in the wotld of ropes!!

I am totally concerned about one thing!
How could  Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi compose “requiem for the dream” at the same time???